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Friday, December 18, 2020

Blankets with Crochet Borders

 Hello, I am expanding my blog to include other craft inspirations and projects my daughter and I make. She and I both love trying new crafts and techniques. Sometimes they go well and other times not so well but its always fun to try something new. Sometimes I try a new craft but it takes a few tries to get the hang of it.... like crocheting.

I was inspired to learn how to crochet from my sister in law, Ginger.   Ginger taught me how to crochet for the first time way back in 1999 when Graham and I were still dating.  I started 2 blankets then and both of them got put aside as life got busy after getting married, moving around with the military, and having kids.  I still have them unfinished in a bag. I always planned to finish them someday but had forgotten how to crochet.  

When we visited with Ginger in the summer of 2019, she gifted the kids and I with crocheted blankets she made for us.  She made Levi and Elena each their own blanket and for my blanket, she added a crocheted ruffle border to blanket she purchased. 

the kids blankets

My blanket from Ginger
Ginger explained that this is a quick way to personalize a blanket versus crocheting an entire blanket.  This inspired me to try crocheting again! It didnt seem quite so intimidating as crocheting an entire full sized blanket! Ginger had to teach me all over again since it had been 20 years since she taught me the first time! Luckily, she didnt mind and was very patient with me.  We got a small baby blanket and I chose some yarn to make a border.  She got me started and I wrote down all the instructions  to continue the blanket after we went our seperate ways again after vacation.   I worked on my little blanket here and there and finally finished it 6 months later.  Here's my first completed blanket!!

I was so proud of it, I ended up just keeping it for myself.  I use it often as a little lap blanket or put it around my shoulders when I'm reading.  

Fast forward another 6 months: During covid quarantine, Elena asked me if I could teach her how to make the crocheted ruffle border.  This was a little challenging because while Im right handed, Elena is left handed so I decided the best way to teach her was for both of us to make a blanket at the same time. I bought materials to make a blanket for my son and she picked a blanket and yarn for herself to go with her room decor.  I dug out my notes that I had written down while Ginger was teaching me on vacation and had to text her to confirm a few things that I had forgotten in just 6 months!! Then Elena and I started off making the baby blankets together.  Due to her being left handed, it was a frustrating start, but I encouraged her to stick with it and she got the hang of it quickly and was soon giving me tips!!!  She really is a natural at crocheting and I feel like she gets that from her Aunt Ginger!!   

                                                               Here is Elena's blanket:

Can you tell how proud she is?! She did such a great job and finished well before I did!  Then she was giving me tips on how to finish my blanket!! Here is my blanket that I made for Levi:

I havent crocheted since but now I can have Elena help me whenever Im ready for another project as she has continued to crochet. I will post some more of her projects soon.  

Thank you Aunt Ginger for teaching us how to crochet!! Sorry it took me 20 years to learn it!!

Thank you for reading my blog! Please contact me at bloxiegirl@yahoo.com with any questions.



  1. Such pretty blankets! Love the edging. Looks like a great project to fill the time during this corona craziness!! :)

    1. Im so glad i got to share with you 2 and im so proud of you both for learning and finishing your projects..

      Its very hard for a left and right person to learn from each other because its backwards to the other person. Tell elena i highly recommend she look up left handed crochet on youtube for new projects.